Blue as an Orange

An international history of the Bohemians, to be published by Unbound in 2023

The book, unearthing the hidden histories of the Bohemians, begins in the streets of Paris and Oslo, and will straddle four further continents before ending with Paul and Jane Bowles and the Beat Generation in Tangiers. It is about those Bohemians who helped change the world: in Mexico. Martinique. Brazil. Greece. Norway. Italy. Russia. Americans and Paris, where it all started. It will feature some names you might be familiar with, others I’m looking forward to introducing you to: artists, poets, writers, composers, as well as people who felt different, groundbreaker Bohemians in their own way who weren’t necessarily creative, will all be included. These stories – of art, music, words – matter today more than ever.

Unbound, unlike most publishers, works with subscription, meaning that your support will be vital in helping bring this book to life.

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Publisher: Unbound (2023)