Where to Find Me

Hannah Karalis, a teenager living with her family in 1980s Notting Hill, becomes fascinated by her neighbour, Flora Dobbs, an enigmatic elderly woman who has clearly had an interesting past – but the improbable friendship that the two strike up is abruptly cut short by Flora’s sudden departure from the neighbourhood. Nineteen years later, Hannah is astonished to receive a bequest from Flora, a black notebook, which sets her on a search for the truth, leading her to confront the ghosts of an unresolved past.

Transporting the reader from occupied Paris and British Mandate Palestine to contemporary London, Where to Find Me is a gripping and poignant tale of chance encounters, tangled lies and painful dis­coveries, as well as an inspiring account of how to face and overcome the effects of loss and tragedy in our daily lives.

Song: Where to Find Me

Publisher: Alma Books (20th September 2018)