Alba Arikha was born and raised in Paris.

She is the author of four books: Muse and Walking on Ice, published by Macmillan under the name Alba Branca. A memoir, Major/Minor, was published by Quartet Books in 2011, the paperback edition in 2017. A narrative poem, ‘Soon‘ was published by CB Editions in September 2013. A new novel will be published by Alma Books in 2018.

Her books have been translated into four languages.

She has translated poetry and journalism, and written for various art magazines.

Her works have appeared in Open City, Tatler, The journal of Art, Antique and New Art, The Other Press and Spear’s magazine, and is a contributor to Radio 4.

Alba is also a pianist and singer/songwriter. Her album, Dans Les Rues De Paris, was released in March 2011. She has performed in London, where she lives, and in Paris. She is represented by Peters Fraser and Dunlop, in London.